Weekly Wonk Sunday June 30, 2013

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Responding to an OK Policy issue brief on the large gaps in health, education, and wealth between whites and people of color in Oklahoma, the Oklahoman editorial board wrote that minorities have just made bad personal choices. OK Policy’s Director, David Blatt’s Journal Record column explained why food stamps’ success at alleviating hunger and poverty are an achievement worth preserving.  David was also quoted in an article by the Urban Tulsa Weekly discussing Oklahoma’s decision not to expand Medicaid and featured in a Slice Magazine article highlighting Oklahoma’s think tanks.



The OK Policy Blog explained why the Affordable Care Act will help but not completely solve Oklahoma’s uninsured problem. We also discussed how Oklahoma disenfranchises felons and highlighted the fact that for the third consecutive fiscal year, adult education centers across the state that provide GED classes and basic literacy instruction have been wholly defunded by the state, putting federal matching funds at risk.  



Numbers of the Day

  • 27 percent – Percentage of uninsured Oklahomans, eligible to cash-in tax rebates to buy health insurance on the state’s new online ‘exchange’ in 2014, that do not have a bank account
  • 230,000 – The number of children living in Oklahoma households that were food insecure during the year, a quarter of the state’s kids.
  • 515,000 – Projected number of uninsured Oklahomans in 2016 if the state continues to reject federal money to expand Medicaid, versus 331,000 if the state accepts Medicaid expansion
  • 91,622 – The number of unemployed Oklahomans as of May 2013, roughly the same as were unemployed this time last year
  • $0 – The amount of money the state allocated for GED prep, basic math and literacy, and ESL classes at adult education centers for FY 2014

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