What's On Our Mind-Clouds

Word clouds can be an effective and visually striking way to capture frequent and important themes from online content.  Although we had an intuitive sense of what’s been on our mind, we thought it would be fun to see what an actual count turns up.

Here is a graphic representation of the most frequently used words found on the OK Policy Website:

Now for a slightly different perspective, using the same technique, but drawn from the titles and tags of all the OK Policy Blog posts since it was launched in 2009:

Notice any prominent themes?  Hint: One starts with a ‘b’ and ends with an ‘udget’. (‘Oklahoma’ – a very frequently used word and tag for our blog – was omitted to prevent distortion). These clouds were generated with Wordle, a free online tool with editable fonts, layouts, and color schemes.


One thought on “What's On Our Mind-Clouds

  1. LOVE the use of the visual on this blog post to bring it to life. For those of us that process our information visually, THIS is a homerun!

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