Summer Internship Application Questions

Summer Internship Application Questions

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Internships are open to any undergraduate or graduate student who has completed a minimum of 24 hours of college credit.


Has graduated from a graduate or undergraduate program in December 2017 or later.

Participants are chosen by a competitive application process aimed at selecting students with strong academics, robust community involvement, and a clear interest in the study and practice of public policy.

OK Policy is fully committed to cultural diversity and equal opportunity. It is OK Policy’s procedure to make opportunities available to a wide-range of diverse individuals without regard to race, creed, color, national origin, sex, age, disability, HIV status, any condition defined under the Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”), marital or parental status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or citizenship status. OK Policy is committed to providing a work environment free of bias based on the above classifications, and to complying with the ADA and the policies and directives of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, to the extent applicable. All OK Policy employees are expected to support this policy.

Basics and Contact Information

  • What’s your first name?
  • What do you like to be called?
  • What’s your last name?
  • And what’s your primary email address?
  • And what’s a good secondary email address? (optional)
  • What’s the best phone number to reach you?
  • What’s a good secondary phone number? (optional)
  • What is your current address?

Educational Background

  • Where did you graduate from high school? Please list the name of your high school and the city it was located. If outside of Oklahoma, please also list the state.
  • When did you graduate from high school?
  • Do you already have any post-secondary degrees? Please list any post-secondary degrees you have already earned; list degree, institution, and year.
  • About how many hours of coursework have you completed since graduating from high school?
  • At which institution are you currently enrolled?
  • Tell us about the degree you’re pursuing.
  • When do you expect to graduate?
  • Please list any coursework that you’ve completed that you see as relevant to the internship.

Interests and Activities

  • Please list and/or describe your extracurricular activities and community involvement. Include activities, awards, honors, group participation and volunteerism, achievements, etc.
  • Please list and/or describe any past or current employment that you think is relevant.
  • List three references with contact information. Please list Title/Position, Phone, Email, and their relationship to you.

Short Essays

  • In 100-300 words, tell us why you want to intern for OK Policy, policy areas that you are interested in, and what you hope to take away from the internship – including what you plan to do with the knowledge and expertise you acquire by interning with us.
  • In 300-500 words, describe one particular policy issue or challenge at the state level and discuss possible solutions.
    • Please think specifically here and focus on a policy issue (e.g. bail reform), not a policy area (e.g. criminal justice reform).

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