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Numbers of the Day

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Wednesday, March 29

Percentage of Oklahoma household with savings accounts in 2013. The national average was 68.8%

Source: CFED

Tuesday, March 28

Percentage of Oklahoma children living in households where 30% or more of monthly pre-tax income is spent on housing


Monday, March 27

Oklahoma’s effective tax rate on oil production, which is less than half the next lowest state (Texas at 6.74%).

Source: Headwaters Economics

Friday, March 24

Percentage of Oklahoma households with no checking or savings accounts in 2013

Source: CFED

Thursday, March 23

Percentage of Oklahoma children in families receiving some kind of public assistance in 2015


Wednesday, March 22

Average lost health insurance tax credit for an Oklahoma family of four with $40k annual income under Congressional Republicans’ health care proposal.

Source: Oklahoma Policy Institute

Tuesday, March 21

Number of children in Oklahoma (ages 18 and under) as of 2015, 26% of the total state population.

Source: Kaiser Family Foundation

Monday, March 20
5 months

Number of consecutive months that Oklahoma’s corporate income tax has brought in zero dollars to the General Revenue Fund as of February 2017.

Source: OK Policy analysis of Office of Management and Enterprise Services reports

Friday, March 17
$84.8 million

Estimated annual state and local taxes paid by undocumented immigrants in Oklahoma

Source: Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy

Thursday, March 16

Percent of nonelderly adults in Oklahoma reporting past-due medical debt in 2015, down from 38% in 2012

Source: Urban Institute

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