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Numbers of the Day

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Wednesday, February 22

Money recovered for every $1 spent by DHS’s Child Support Services in 2016

Source: Oklahoma Department of Human Services

Tuesday, February 21
$1.9 billion

Projected cost of building and operating the three new prisons in the next ten years that would be required under Oklahoma’s current criminal justice policies.

Source: Oklahoma Justice Reform Task Force

Monday, February 20

Percentage of Oklahoma adults who reported either binge drinking or chronic drinking of alcohol, the 7th lowest rate in the US.

Source: United Health Foundation

Friday, February 17

Percentage of Oklahoma children who are first-generation immigrants or have at least one parent who is foreign-born. Of these children, 87% are US citizens.


Thursday, February 16
$460.5 million

Estimated cost of tax breaks and rebates Oklahoma is giving to the oil and gas industry in FY 2017.

Source: Oklahoma Tax Commission via Oklahoma Policy Institute

Wednesday, February 15

Percent change in hospital readmission rates among Oklahoma Medicare beneficiaries (2010-2015)

Source: US Department of Health and Human Services

Tuesday, February 14

How much federal funding has increased for Oklahoma TANF since the welfare program was turned into a block grant in 1996. Since that year, the funding has lost about a third of its value due to inflation

Source: Center on Budget and Policy Priorities 

Monday, February 13

Percent of the Oklahoma Department of Corrections budget spent on probation and parole, despite having 45% of offenders in these categories.

Source: Oklahoma Justice Reform Task Force

Friday, February 10

Number of Oklahoma children adopted out of foster care in Oklahoma in FY2016, the highest number since 1998

Source: Oklahoma Department of Human Services

Thursday, February 9

Percent increase in the cost of a ticket for speeding 20mph over the limit between 1992 and 2016, from $107 to $265.25

Source: OK Policy

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