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Wednesday, May 24

Share of Oklahoma’s FY2015 general revenue that came from the federal government

Source: Census Bureau’s 2015 Annual Survey of State Government Finances via Governing

Tuesday, May 23

Approximate percentage of Oklahoma births covered by SoonerCare in 2016

Source: Oklahoma Health Care Authority

Monday, May 22

Percentage of office-based physicians in Oklahoma accepting new Medicaid patients, significantly above the national average (69%), 2013.

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Friday, May 19

Percentage of all women and girls in Oklahoma living below the poverty line, totaling about 338,690 people.

Source: 2015 American Community Survey via Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

Thursday, May 18

Percentage of Oklahoma’s total gross domestic product produced in the OKC metro area, 2015.

Source: Oklahoma Employment Security Commission

Wednesday, May 17

Percentage of Oklahoma residents who were born in a different U.S. state.

Source: US Census 2015 American Community Survey

Tuesday, May 16
$14.26 billion

Total federal funds awarded to Oklahoma companies, non-profits, government agencies, and individuals through contracts, grants, and loans in FY 2017, as of May 16, 2017.


Monday, May 15

Real average hourly wage in Oklahoma, compared to a national average wage of $26.12.

Source: Kansas City Federal Reserve

Friday, May 12

Percentage of Oklahoma’s non-elderly population with a preexisting condition that could leave them uninsurable in the individual market if the Affordable Care Act’s protections are repealed.

Source: Kaiser Family Foundation

Thursday, May 11
$157.7 million

Oklahoma’s revenue loss due to itemized income tax deductions compared to if everyone took the standard deduction.

Source: Oklahoma Policy Institute

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