A Word Map for 2012: Out of the mouths of Legislators

Over the past year, Oklahomans have coped with another year of severe drought, raging wildfires, rising poverty, sluggish job growth, rising health care and insurance costs, and the ongoing large scale deployment and return of National Guard and Army reservist citizen-soldiers.  Has the legislature been responsive to these and other pressing issues?  We decided to take a look at what Oklahoma legislators communicated to the public about their work in the past year.

Below is a WordCloud derived from Oklahoma legislators’ press release titles.  In some ways, press releases are a better barometer of what Senators and Representatives want their constituents to know that they care about than actual legislation, because they’re written explicitly for public and media consumption.  


Use the comment section below to let us know what you think about what legislators thought was important in 2012.  Does anything stand out to you?  Is there a prominent topic that surprises you?  This word cloud was created using Tagxedo at  http://www.tagxedo.com/


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