Bill Watch: We have a budget

On Wednesday, Republican leaders announced they had reached agreement on an $8.3 billion state budget. That budget was approved in House and Senate committees yesterday and should go to final vote in both chambers today and early next week. [More...]

Bill Watch: End of legislative session is in sight

Yesterday Governor Stitt announced that he expects to have a budget deal by early next week — an event which typically signals that the legislative session is coming to an end. Lawmakers must adjourn by May 31st, but they can adjourn sooner. We expect the 24th, two weeks from today, to be a likely last day for this year's Legislature. [More...]

Bill Watch: JCAB is now the room where it happens

Last week marked another major deadline for this year's Legislature. Bills had until last Thursday to pass the full chamber opposite from where they originated. [More...]

Bill Watch: Best laid plans often go awry

On the eve of the last regular committee deadline for many bills, some legislation appears to have been derailed by feuding between the House and Senate. These bills might still be saved by some creative reinterpretation of legislative rules, but it's a reminder that we can't take a smooth process for granted, even in a Legislature dominated by one party. [More...]

Bill Watch: Beware the Ides of April

We have one week to go before the next big deadline in the Legislature. Legislative committees have until Thursday, April 11th for bills from the opposite chamber. Those that don't receive a vote by the deadline will go dormant until next year. [More...]

Bill Watch: Whoa, we didn’t see that coming!

Every legislative session is a mix of the expected and unexpected. In this edition of our Bill Watch series, we look at some of the bills we are now paying closer attention to that have come from out of left field. [More...]

Bill Watch: At a dead end

Six weeks into the 2019 legislative session, the House and Senate hit their second major deadline last Thursday. Bills that failed to pass off the floor of their chamber of origin are now dead for this session. [More...]

Bill Watch: One more week for bills until next Survivor elimination

Last week, we reported that just over 1,000 bills and resolutions had survived the initial committee deadline and were still alive. The ranks of surviving bills will be thinned once again by next Thursday, March 14th, the deadline by which bills must pass out of their chamber of origin to avoid being booted off the island (for various exceptions to this rule, see our 2019 Legislative Primer).This coming week will see the sausage-grinding machine speed up considerably, as hundreds of measures vie for hearings during what are expected to be long days and nights on the House and Senate floor. Here are some key bills OK Policy continues to track closely in the areas of criminal justice, education, economic security, and taxes. [More...]

Bill Watch: You’re all dead to me!

As of today, 1,020 bills and resolutions remain active out of the 2,836 total measures introduced thus far this session. This translates to a 37 percent survival rate. In this update, we stop to mourn or celebrate some of the key pieces of legislation that missed the deadline and have been relegated to the sidelines, if not the graveyard, this session [More...]

OK PolicyCast 44: 2019 Bill Watch, Part 2

This episode of OKPolicyCast was hosted by Gene Perry and produced by Gene Perry and Jessica Vazquez, with additional production assistance from Lindsay Myers. You can subscribe to our podcast on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, or RSS. The podcast theme music is by Zébre. If you have any questions… Read more [More...]