Ahead of Oct. 14 registration deadline, remember these reasons to vote (NONDOC)

By Josh McBee

Take a tip from “King” George Strait and remember to check yes or no on each of seven state questions on Oklahoma’s ballot this year.

Because while voter apathy at the national level is understandable, albeit problematic, state ballots are quite important, and the unfortunate reality is that many citizens remain uninformed about major state political issues.

It should also be noted that these proposed amendments to the state’s constitution and other statutory changes have nothing to do with your party affiliation or preferred presidential candidate. Instead, Oklahomans’ best reasons to vote this year mainly have to do with social and economic policies — from modernizing liquor laws to creating a penny sales tax earmarked for education. The Oklahoma Policy Institute offers this excellent primer on all the State Questions.

Oklahoma voter form:

National voter registration assistance:

Will Oklahoma emerge from the November election as a burgeoning bastion of progressive ideology or reflect the longstanding, hard-nosed social policies of traditionally staunch conservatives?

Most likely, a little of both, but despite which you prefer personally, the deadline for voter registration is Friday, Oct. 14. That means you only have 20 days left. If you’re already registered, congratulations: Your choices will fan the flames in which the Sooner State forges its future.

On the other hand, if you are currently unregistered, you can register by downloading, filling out and mailing in this form or by appearing in person at your local post office, tag agency, library or county election board.

(Gov. Mary Fallin signed a bill authorizing voter registration online in 2015, but that system has yet to be rolled out.)

Maybe you’re unsure if you’re registered, and that’s OK: You can check online here. That link will also reveal the polling location for registered voters.

Otherwise, resign yourself to appearing on BadVoter.org as part of the problem, regardless of the outcome.

Ahead of Oct. 14 registration deadline, remember these reasons to vote

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