OK Policy Case Statement

Oklahoma Policy Institute (OK Policy) is a state-wide public policy organization committed to improving the future of Oklahoma by providing a non-partisan, objective viewpoint on issues that impact the lives of Oklahomans. As the state enters its second century, Oklahoma faces potential for both great challenges and great opportunities. The aim of OK Policy is to add another substantive perspective to the discussion of state policies.

Our system of government demands that multiple points of view are voiced in order to choose from and synthesize the best ideas and solutions. OK Policy welcomes input from many voices in the belief that we can all work in a respectful and cooperative manner. We encourage well-informed discussion among decision makers rather than relying on entrenched ideology. OK Policy is a non-partisan and independent voice in that discussion.

The ultimate goal of OK Policy is for state policies to be created that overcome the challenges and capitalize on the opportunities that face Oklahoma. The concerns of low and middle income families are central to the work of our organization. We are committed to helping our state become a more prosperous, better educated, healthier, and increasingly equitable state. With these goals in mind, OK Policy focuses on three broad areas:

Expanding Economic Opportunity

We support policies aimed at increasing income through better-paying jobs across the state. We also seek to improve student achievement by promoting state programs that will attract and retain the best educators, as well as expand access to higher education and job training programs.

Promoting Fiscal Responsibility

We focus on policies that support adequate funding of public services through an equitable distribution of taxes, while maintaining a balanced budget and promoting greater openness and accountability in the budget process and efficiency within state government.

Alleviating Poverty

We focus on increasing equality between the wealthy and the poor, urban and rural, and men and women of every minority group. We also support polices that will improve our state’s rankings by reducing disease, health threats, hunger, and the poverty rate.

Our Contribution to Oklahoma

There are many people within the state who are overlooked during policy discussions and still more that overlook the benefits that we all derive from adequately funded government services.

OK Policy will be a voice for the child who relies on a free breakfast at school, the mother with three jobs who still struggles with rent and health insurance for her children, and the student who receives 13 years of free quality education and then goes on to a top-ranked but low-cost state university. We will speak for the family who uses state highways and crosses well-maintained bridges to enjoy a weekend at a beautiful state park or lake and the parents who sleep soundly at night knowing they are protected by properly trained and well equipped police and fire departments. And we will represent the people of faith who enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that the most vulnerable of our neighbors, relatives, and fellow Oklahomans are able to meet their most basic needs of shelter, food, and basic medical care. In short, we are a voice for Oklahoma’s 3.6 million people who benefit from state services.

It is our fervent belief that better information leads to better policy. If every person has access to accurate facts and information regarding issues that affect their lives, they will take a greater interest in changing policy for the good of the state. Positive, sincere change can only come when Oklahomans realize the potential our state has for growth and the role of government in helping get us there.

Unbiased and Objective Analysis

OK Policy is led by a bi-partisan and diverse board of directors committed to the distribution of irrefutable facts in order to improve the lives of all Oklahomans. We are not guided by a political agenda. Every state resident, no matter their political leanings, should feel comfortable trusting the information we provide.

Information for all Oklahomans

OK Policy provides timely and credible analysis of state policy issues, with the goals of helping inform the public and guiding policy decisions. Information is distributed to the public through media releases, an extensive email list and on our website. Individual meetings and public forums with legislators, business leaders, community groups, and other non-profits also help us spread our message.

Vision for the Future

Oklahomans have exhibited a strong desire for visible progress and economic expansion. As our state continues to evolve, we hope to inspire the same type of innovation and forward thinking regarding state policy. Now is the time for our state to reinvest in our citizens and our infrastructure.

Collaboration, determination and a long-range view with regard to the consequences of short-term decisions will be necessary. OK Policy is committed to achieving a vision for Oklahoma which includes:

  • Increased efficiency with state spending;
  • Equitable state tax policy;
  • A trend of long-term budget stability that allows proactive policy decisions to be implemented; and
  • A rise among the state rankings in average household income, average level of education, number of uninsured, poverty rate, and other important indicators.

As Oklahoma embarks on its second century, the state is well positioned for success. But there are many challenges to overcome. OK Policy will help gather the data, develop the proposals, and mobilize the stakeholders to turn our positive vision for the state into a reality for every Oklahoman.


Oklahoma Policy Insititute (OK Policy) advances equitable and fiscally responsible policies that expand opportunity for all Oklahomans through non-partisan research, analysis, and advocacy.

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