Important vote today — Please speak up again to protect voting rights

Hundreds of calls were made in opposition to SB 210, which would reinstate barriers to voting by mail in the middle of a pandemic. Unfortunately, our legislature didn’t listen and SB 210 will be heard in the Senate this morning.

Please contact your State Senator now and ask them to vote NO on SB 210.

If you don’t know your State Senator, use this Find My Legislator tool.

On Monday, the Supreme Court ruled against notary requirements on absentee ballots. This was a huge win for Oklahoma voters who would no longer have to choose between personal safety and exercising a fundamental right.

But now, if SB 210 passes, Oklahoma would become one of only three states that requires an ID with an absentee ballot. This measure will force many Oklahomans to venture from their homes to get a photocopy of the ID and potentially putting their health at risk. This was among the central complaints in the recent lawsuit against Oklahoma’s notarization requirement.

There is no factual evidence that voting fraud is a problem. However, low voter turnout is. We should be taking steps to encourage Oklahomans to safely exercise their constitutional right to vote, not adding more roadblocks

Please contact your state Senator today and demand that they protect your right to vote safely.


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