Stop a New Predatory Loan Product – Oppose HB 1913

HB 1913 (Rep. Kannady/Sen. Leewright), the Oklahoma Small Loan Act, would create a new predatory loan product in Oklahoma, known as a Small Loan. These loans would allow interest to be charged at an annual rate of over 200 percent,… Read more [More...]

Support A Better Budget Blueprint to Save Our State

A strong and prosperous Oklahoma depends on communities and families that thrive with the help of quality schools with good teachers, well-maintained infrastructure, safe streets and  neighborhoods, and public works like state parks, libraries, and arts initiatives. We can’t wait… Read more [More...]

Promote Public Safety and Reduce Incarceration – Support Justice Reform Task Force Proposals

Legislators have the opportunity this year to finally turn the tide on Oklahoma’s sky-high incarceration rates. Governor Fallin’s Justice Reform Task Force put forward 27 policy recommendations that would reverse the growth in the state’s prison population. Putting those recommendations… Read more [More...]

Don’t allow insurers to sell worthless plans disguised as insurance – oppose SB 478

SB 478 would allow insurers to sell health care plans in Oklahoma that don’t include the state’s required health benefits, such as mammograms, diabetes treatment, post-partum maternity care, cancer treatments or autism coverage for children. Although this coverage would likely… Read more [More...]

Halt the next income tax cut – SB 170

As a result of continued declines in state revenues, another cut to Oklahoma’s top income tax rate will not be triggered in 2018. However, unless legislators take action this year, the top income tax cut rate could kick in automatically as… Read more [More...]

Ensure Better Information is Available about Who Pays Taxes – HB 2209

HB 2209 (Rep. Marcus McEntire – R. Duncan/Sen. AJ Griffin – R. Guthrie) is good legislation that would help promote better tax policy decisions in Oklahoma by ensuring that legislators and the public know more about who pays taxes and… Read more [More...]

DHS needs a Supplemental Appropriation: Support HB 2342

HB 2342 would supply an urgently-needed supplemental appropriation to the state Department of Human Services (DHS) to fund in-home care for elderly Oklahomans and Oklahomans with significant disabilities. Without this appropriation, DHS will be unable to pay these providers after… Read more [More...]

Stop Excessive Court Debt: Support SB 689

Legislators have the opportunity this session to help ensure that Oklahomans convicted of crimes have a fair shot at rebuilding their lives. They need to hear that you support these efforts. People convicted of crimes face enormous fines and fees… Read more [More...]

Don’t Reverse Voters’ Will on Criminal Justice Reform: Oppose HB 1482

Click here for our fact sheet on HB 1482. Last year Oklahomans voted by a large margin to approve SQ 780, which changed drug possession charges from felonies to misdemeanors punishable by no more than 1 year in jail. Voters… Read more [More...]

Strengthen Working Families Tax Credits

Even while policymakers scramble to find ways to address the state’s continued budget crisis, expanding tax credits that primarily benefit low- and moderate income working families and seniors should be part of the tax policy discussion. Lawmakers should undo last… Read more [More...]