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Numbers of the Day

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Friday, November 2

Median household income for Native Americans in Oklahoma in 2017, compared to $50,051 median income for all Oklahoma households.

[U.S. Census American Community Survey]

Thursday, November 1

Net job loss among all Oklahoma firms in 2016, with 172,047 jobs created and 172,384 jobs destroyed.

[U.S. Census Business Dynamics Statistics]

Wednesday, October 31

The class size limit for grades 1 through 5 put in place by Oklahoma’s 1990 education reform bill. Lawmakers began exempting schools from meeting this class size limit due to underfunding over the past two decades, and today all school districts in Oklahoma have been exempted.

[Oklahoma Policy Institute]

Tuesday, October 30

Percentage of incarcerated women in Oklahoma suffering from mental illness (2016).


Monday, October 29

The percentage of Oklahoma’s population living in rural areas, 16th highest in the U.S.

[George Washington Institute of Public Policy]

Friday, October 26

Oklahoma’s ranking out of all 50 states in the 2016 Cost of Voting Index, which measures how easy it is to vote.

[Washington Post]

Thursday, October 25

Share of Oklahoma’s population that lives in a “distressed” ZIP code, where the economy is performing in the bottom 20% of the U.S., compared to 17.2% that live in a “prosperous” ZIP code in the top 20%.

[Economic Innovation Group]

Wednesday, October 24

Percentage increase of indigenous people imprisoned in Oklahoma from 2008-2015.


Tuesday, October 23

Uninsured rate for low-income working-age adults in rural Oklahoma, 2015-2016. The US average was 26%.

[Georgetown Center for Children and Families]

Monday, October 22

Number of people sent to prison for drug possession in Oklahoma from 2005 to 2015, before SQ 780 made simple possession a misdemeanor.

[Oklahoma Policy Institute]

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