Two years ago, Oklahoma Policy Institute was launched to provide timely and credible analysis of state policy issues that would help educate the state’s residents and guide public policy decisions.  We formed OK Policy to respond to the need for… Read more [More...]

2009 Most Popular Blog Posts

OK, so we’re supposed to be on blog break, but then I realized that we could end up as the only information source in the world without its own end-of-year Top 10 or “Best of” list. Not to miss the… Read more [More...]

Happy holidays!

We’re taking a break from blogging until after New Year’s. We hope everyone has a healthy and joyful holidays; we’ll see you back in 2010.… Read more [More...]

Consistent federal policies regarding Tribal Sovereignty help Oklahoma’s economy

Most people in this country today agree that indigenous tribes, who lived in the Americas before Europeans arrived, were treated less than fairly by their new neighbors. Unfortunately, the inequitable and inconsistent policies with regard to Native tribes are not… Read more [More...]

Something on your mind? Share your thoughts on our blog

Last week we posted a guest blog on a legislative proposal to change the treatment of military retirement income, which set off a small firestorm of controversy in our comments section. In the six months or so that we’ve been… Read more [More...]

Challenging Times

As the national and even our state economy continues to tighten, people are apprehensive about spending and even more so about giving. It is during times like this that challenge grants become increasingly valuable to the non-profit sector. When a… Read more [More...]

Keeping Perspective

As the Oklahoma Legislature winds down the 2009 session, there is still talk of tax relief–a lower top income tax rate, exemptions for oil and gas drilling, and limits on property tax growth–in spite of a budget shortfall of $600… Read more [More...]

Tune in!

Sunday evening, May 3rd, I will be the guest on Gwin Faulconer-Lippert’s Oklahoma City radio show on AM1000 KTOK at 7:30 p.m., discussing OK Policy’s recent release on tax credits for the oil and gas industry. If you’re not in… Read more [More...]

OK Policy Case Statement

Oklahoma Policy Institute (OK Policy) is a state-wide public policy organization committed to improving the future of Oklahoma by providing a non-partisan, objective viewpoint on issues that impact the lives of Oklahomans. As the state enters its second century, Oklahoma… Read more [More...]

Why We Blog

The OK Policy blog has been a long time coming. As we begin our experiment with what is, for us at least, a new way of communicating with our audiences, we want to let you know why we’re doing this… Read more [More...]