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SQ 805’s defeat doesn’t signal end of justice reform efforts (Capitol Update)

Supporters of criminal justice reform are surely feeling the sting of defeat after Tuesday’s 61 percent to 39 percent loss of State Question 805. The measure would have banned enhancing penalties for a second or subsequent conviction for nonviolent offenses.… Read more [More...]

The Weekly Wonk: Voters have spoken, but issues remain | Moving forward together after election | Election notes and numbers

The voters have spoken, but issues remain; Enid News & Eagle: Accept election results and work to help country; Election news and notes. [More...]

Weekly Wonk: Managed care bad for patients, providers | Choosing healthy news | Election news and notes

Managed care will be bad for patients and providers; Choose healthy news over junk; Extending teleconference meeting law requires special session (Capitol Update); Voting hits close to home; Election news & notes. [More...]

Managed care will be bad for patients and providers

The Oklahoma Health Care Authority (OHCA) is currently accepting proposals from corporations, in an effort to privatize Medicaid and outsource the services that OHCA has successfully provided for decades. Managed care has already failed in Oklahoma, with no evidence to suggest the market has changed since the last attempt. This transition would not only be a significant financial risk for the state, but would likely harm both patients and providers. [More...]

Choose healthy news over junk (Guest Post: Jeff Berrong, OK Policy Board Member)

It is vitally important that consumers be able to distinguish substantive “healthy news” produced by legitimate journalists from sugary “junk news” spread by partisan or self-interested organizations. [More...]

Extending teleconference meeting law before February requires special session (Capitol Update)

I would not be surprised to see a special session of the Legislature sometime after the election for the purpose of amending the Open Meetings Act. Prior to last session, the act required a quorum of all public bodies to… Read more [More...]

The Weekly Wonk: Oklahoma’s eviction crisis looms | Battle brewing over managed care for Medicaid | Looking at SQ 814

CDC eviction moratorium will help, but Oklahoma’s housing crisis still looms large; Battle brewing over managed care in Oklahoma; Policy Matters: SQ 814 isn’t only path to fund Medicaid expansion; Pandemic exposes shortfalls of health care system; Policy notes and numbers. [More...]

Battle brewing over managed care in Oklahoma (Capitol Update)

There is a big battle brewing over Medicaid managed care in Oklahoma that will play out during the next Legislative session. It is no wonder. With what legislators say was little or no consultation, the Oklahoma Healthcare Authority (OHCA), at… Read more [More...]

CDC eviction moratorium will help, but Oklahoma’s housing crisis still looms large

Data show that eviction filings and orders have accelerated in Oklahoma even after the CDC moratorium took effect on Sept. 4, and Oklahomans remain at risk for eviction through the end of the year. [More...]

The Weekly Wonk: Managed care is bad investment for Oklahoma | SQ 805: Focus on Facts | Law enforcement reform

Managed care is a bad investment for Oklahoma; Policy Matters: Focus on facts when considering SQ 805; Interim studies highlight how other states passed meaningful law enforcement reform (Capitol Update); Policy notes and numbers [More...]

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