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The Super Bowl of Fear…Every Day

Over the last few decades, an increasing number of average Americans have become investors in the stock market. This has been viewed as a positive thing, sometimes too much so. There have even been seriously proposed concepts that would have… Read more [More...]

Numbers You Need – April 2009

Numbers You Need is a monthly publication from OK Policy that presents key data on the state’s economy, work force, human services, and budget in one concise easy-to-read fact sheet. April’s edition of Numbers You Need provides further evidence of… Read more [More...]

What if we threw a recession and no one showed up at the welfare office?

As the economic downturn hits the Sooner State, we are seeing a steadily increasing number of hard-pressed families turning to the Food Stamp Program (now renamed the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) for help in making ends meet. Food stamp participation… Read more [More...]

No-tax day

April 15. I’m not a fan of tax day. Who is? After several tortuous weeks of determining whether I have excess distributions from my 529 plan  and deciding how much I owe to the two states I lived in last… Read more [More...]


As the economic downturn worsens, Oklahoma’s budget has begun to resemble a boxer up against the ropes. The news from the March revenue report released today by the Office of State Finance just dealt another blow. General Revenue (GR) collections… Read more [More...]

Je Ne Parle Pas Francais

Before the Cajun culture was celebrated, largely due to the discovery of our food, my grandparents lived through a time when being a Cajun was not welcomed in this country…or even in their home state of Louisiana. I can’t help… Read more [More...]

Step away from the scissors?

Two hundred economists from 37 states–including the University of Tulsa’s Steve Steib have joined the rising chorus of voices cautioning states against solving short-term deficits by cutting budgets and public services.  They’re urging states to: Maintain the public services that… Read more [More...]

The incredible shrinking press corps

A new report from the American Journalism Review provides some concrete data to back up what is readily evident to anyone who follows state politics and (still) reads a newspaper these days: Capitol press corps are shrinking. The NCSL blog… Read more [More...]

An expenditure by any other name

As states across the nation face a worsening fiscal crisis and the prospect of deep spending cuts, some policymakers and advocates are attempting to shine additional light on the traditionally dark corner in which reside the large and ever-growing array… Read more [More...]

OkABC hosting the Economic Security for Oklahomans Conference

During the months of March and April, the Oklahoma Asset Building Coalition (OkABC), a group with the goal of identifying and establishing practices and policies to help families achieve economic security, hosted a series of listening sessions across the state… Read more [More...]

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