Oklahoma’s Budget Outlook: Confronting the Fiscal Gap (State Budget Summit 2015)

Presentation by OK Policy Executive Director David Blatt to the 2015 State Budget Summit, January 29, 2015  Download the presentation (PDF)  Oklahoma’s Budget Outlook: Confronting the Fiscal Gap by dblattok… Read more [More...]

Closing the Opportunity Gap: Building Equity in Oklahoma

This presentation was delivered by Kate Richey on April 25, 2013 as part of the Oklahoma Department of Human Services policy and practice lecture series.     Closing the Opportunity Gap: Building Equity in Oklahoma… Read more [More...]

The Economic Impact of Infant Mortality in Oklahoma

The State Department of Health convened a leadership summit in October 2012 to address a public health problem that is as tragic as it is entrenched in Oklahoma: infant mortality.  The summit is part of a statewide initiative to raise… Read more [More...]

Place Matters: Health, Housing & Equity in OKC

Using data from the American Housing Survey, this analysis highlights how both the built environment of a physical space and differential access to quality public services affect household and neighborhood health.  While the results reveal differences in the environmental quality… Read more [More...]

Overview of the Affordable Care Act in Oklahoma

This presentation was given to health care workers during a two-hour training seminar on the Affordable Care Act in Oklahoma.  Click here for the presentation, which outlines major changes already enacted and on the horizon regarding the new federal health… Read more [More...]

A ‘Culture of Poverty’ and Other Myths

This presentation was given by policy analyst Kate Richey, on 4/24/12 and discusses common myths surrounding poverty, data on people living in poverty in Oklahoma, and an overview of the structural barriers to moving up the economic ladder.… Read more [More...]

The Racial Wealth Gap in Oklahoma

This presentation was presented on March 14th, 2012 at an Oklahoma Assets forum on Closing the Racial Wealth Gap in Oklahoma.… Read more [More...]

Public Health Epidemics in Oklahoma

This fact sheet and presentation were given to a town hall meeting in Oklahoma City on February 16th.  The meeting featured several public health experts who spoke about urgent public health epidemics in Oklahoma, including our director David Blatt and,… Read more [More...]

Federal Health Policy Overview & Update

Click here for a copy of the presentation given at a public lecture at the state Capitol on various federal policy initiatives assocated with the new health care law, including state insurance exchange.… Read more [More...]

Health Insurance Exchanges Under the Affordable Care Act: State-run vs. Federally facilitated

This presentation was delivered by OK Policy before the Joint Committee on the Federal Health Care Law on October 25, 2011.  Exchange Presentation… Read more [More...]