Presentation to the Oklahoma Task Force on Comprehensive Tax Reform

Oklahoma Policy Institute presented to the Task Force on Comprehensive Tax Reform on September 15, 2011. You can view the presentation here or download it as a PDF. Readcoverage of the meeting from the Oklahoman or meeting notes taklen by… Read more [More...]

Early Childhood Fiscal Map

For a project funded by Smart Start Oklahoma, Oklahoma Policy Institute developed a fiscal map of the federal, state, local, and private supports for young children in our state. Read more... [More...]

Presentation: Overview of HB 1804

HB 1804 was introduced and passed during the 2007 Oklahoma Legislative session. The bill passed both Chambers by large veto-proof margins (85-13; 41-6) and was signed by Governor Henry on May 8th. The bill took effect November 1, 2007 (although… Read more [More...]