Oklahoma Assets Network: Take action to support working families

In many ways Oklahoma is well positioned to offer residents opportunities to get ahead – our lower than average cost of living, booming energy sector, and low overall unemployment rate are key ingredients for financial prosperity.  Yet too many other key ingredients are increasingly absent.
We struggle with relatively low educational attainment, an overabundance of low wage work, and a marketplace where those who earn the least pay a higher share of their earnings towards basic goods (housing, financing, transportation, food, sales tax) than higher income earners.  Getting ahead is getting harder because too many working families in Oklahoma don’t earn enough and can’t save enough.  


That’s why over the last few years,  Oklahoma Assets Network (OAN) has worked to grow a diverse coalition of individuals and organizations who are speaking up for working families and supporting opportunities for all Oklahomans to build stronger financial foundations.
OAN has supported statewide access to adult education, spoken out about the critical importance of affordable housing and affordable lending, and convened a roundtable to discuss ways to fairly and broadly represent working Oklahomans.  
get_involved_button_1_If you’re interested in helping put those ideas into action and building a stronger network for working families – consider joining the network by registering below for a short introductory webinar.  In 20 minutes, you will: 
  1. Learn about Oklahoma Assets Network’s (OAN) history and mission
  2. Discover how best to use your limited time and particular talents to represent working Oklahomans, while bolstering your own work
  3. Improve your connectivity with our members
  4. Have a chance to ask questions or offer feedback

Over the next three months, 20-minute webinars will be held every Tuesday & Thursday at 10:00am and every Friday at 2:00pm.   Click on a date below to register.

For more info contact Kate Richey at info@oklahomaassets.org or (405) 585-6261


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  1. I’ve been very interested in asset building policies for several years as a social justice issue. The subject first came to my attention while working as a grant writer for InvestEd. I’m looking forward to learning more about the work of OAN.

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