Criminalizing homelessness is harmful and ineffective

Proposals to criminalize homelessness are harmful and counterproductive. Research shows us that the best way to combat homelessness is to increase access to affordable housing. [More...]

Lengthening the eviction timeline will increase access to justice for Oklahoma renters (SB 1575)

Extending the eviction timeline in Oklahoma will help tenants exercise their legal rights and prevent housing instability and homelessness. [More...]

A job isn’t enough to afford housing for many Oklahomans

State leaders often say the answer to housing instability is a job – but jobs don’t help if they don’t pay enough. Wages have risen at less than half the rate of rent for the last two decades, putting working… Read more [More...]

Dr. King’s dream of economic freedom (Commentary) 

Dr. King understood, then as it is now, that income inequality binds Americans into a cycle of poverty that often becomes generational. Poverty lowers life expectancy as well as educational attainment, which is a predictor of wealth for all races.  [More...]

One simple trick that will help Oklahoma’s small businesses and the economy

In a time of rising costs and inflation, there is one key policy change that lawmakers can pass to help small businesses, working Oklahomans, and our economy: Raise the minimum wage. Research shows that raising the minimum wage is good policy. A minimum wage is intended to act as a baseline to ensure that employers compensate their workers fairly for their hard work by providing a wage that can cover basic living expenses. [More...]

Ending single-family zoning would help close Oklahoma’s housing gap

Ending single-family zoning and allowing small multi-family homes is a proven path to improved housing availability and affordability; it’s one that Oklahoma policymakers should consider. [More...]

Policy Matters: It’s time to rethink minimum wage

Have you ever rearranged your living room furniture? When the light touches the space in new ways, the pieces create a new refreshing ensemble. Much like reviving a dark, stale living room, it is time for Oklahoma lawmakers to shed… Read more [More...]

2022 Census data: Oklahoma remains among the nation’s poorest states; policy solutions can help reverse this trend

Data from the Census Bureau’s 2022 American Community Survey released Sep. 14 show that Oklahoma’s poverty rate was 15.7 percent, which was the nation’s 8th highest. The national poverty rate in 2022 was 11.5 percent, and Oklahoma’s ranking among states remained unchanged compared to 2021. [More...]

Oklahoma legislators need to do more to expand access to housing

Co-authored by Sabine Brown, Infrastructure and Access Senior Policy Analyst for the Oklahoma Policy Institute, and Justice Jones, Homelessness and Affordable Housing Policy Analyst for Housing Solutions – – – Oklahoma is in the midst of a housing crisis. With… Read more [More...]

KIDS COUNT 2023 Report Shows Oklahoma Ranks 46th for Child Well-Being

The rankings from the new Annie E. Casey Foundation report show Oklahoma’s poor child well-being outcomes. These results demonstrate the impact of the state’s ongoing disinvestment in programs and services that help our children thrive, including helping parents get affordable,… Read more [More...]