Five reasons you shouldn’t contribute to OK Policy

We usually love to list all the reasons we believe you should support our work here at the Oklahoma Policy Institute with a tax-deductible contribution. However, we like to reflect at the end of every year, and share a reminder that other people may believe differently. Here are five things you may believe that should lead you to not contribute to OK Policy. 

1. Facts don’t matter 

As the only organization of its kind in Oklahoma, OK Policy is the state’s trusted source for reliable, data-driven information and analysis on the state policy issues that matter to Oklahomans. We produce fact-based resources, such as our Online Budget Guide and daily In The Know newsletter, that help Oklahomans understand the laws and policies that impact our lives, including taxes, health care, public services, and criminal justice.  

But if facts are irrelevant to you, do not contribute to OK Policy.

2. I don’t need to know how the state spends my tax dollars 

This year, we released A Better Path Forward, our comprehensive report on Oklahoma’s tax and budget systems. The report includes more than 30 potential reforms that could boost revenue while making our tax system fairer to everyone, highlighting the major lack of transparency. OK Policy works to explain Oklahoma’s state budget process and push for greater transparency, guided by the belief that an informed citizenry – particularly when it comes to our own tax dollars – is vital to a healthy and functioning democracy. Citizens count on OK Policy to shine a light on the decisions made behind the scenes about Oklahoma’s complex $7 billion budget.

But if you prefer to remain in the dark about how your tax dollars are budgeted, then making a tax-deductible contribution to OK Policy is most certainly a terrible idea.

3. I’m OK with our state being Top 10 in all the wrong metrics 

One of OK Policy’s core convictions is that Oklahoma can be a place where all Oklahomans have an equal opportunity to thrive, raise healthy families, and live in safe communities. One in six Oklahomans —and more than one in five of our state’s children — live in households that earn too little to stay above the poverty line. By nearly every health and social indicator, Oklahoma ranks last. 

But if you think Oklahoma is OK the way it is, supporting OK Policy is probably not for you.

4. All issues are one-sided issues 

Through our nonpartisan analyses, reports, op-eds, and columns, OK Policy breaks through the noise and offers a different perspective — arguing for a transparent budget process, ensuring access to health coverage, or reconfiguring our criminal justice system to alleviate racial disparities.

But if you believe there’s only one side to every issue, then you should most definitely not contribute to OK Policy.

5. Oklahoma has done all it can to help its residents

Oklahoma is one of the leaders in incarcerating its citizens, remains last in our region in education funding, and maintains a tax system that penalizes our poorest citizens. So long as these and other issues remain, OK Policy will keep fighting for a better Oklahoma.

If, however, you think there’s no more work to do, do not contribute to OK Policy.

All kidding aside, we sincerely hope you will make a tax-deductible one-time or recurring year-end contribution to OK Policy to help ensure that our work continues to have an impact in 2022. We greatly appreciate your support, and we hope this year, you can make the coming year even better by donating securely online at


Oklahoma Policy Insititute (OK Policy) advances equitable and fiscally responsible policies that expand opportunity for all Oklahomans through non-partisan research, analysis, and advocacy.

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