Gross Receipts

Gross receipts are the total amount of receipts collected by state government, as reported monthly by the State Treasurer.

Gross receipts totals are larger than both state appropriations and the state General Revenue Fund, for several reasons.  First, gross receipts includes sales and use taxes levied by cities and counties but collected by the Oklahoma Tax Commission. These collections are distributed to cities and counties the month after they are collected. Second, much of the state receipts are “earmarked,” or restricted by law to a specific purpose and not subject to the annual budget process. Examples include taxes that are earmarked for transportation, schools, and retirement funds. State receipts that are not earmarked, approximately half of gross receipts in FY 2019, are deposited in the General Revenue Fund.

The state’s gross receipts for FY 2019 were $13.6 billion, an all-time high, and an 11.7 percent increase from FY 2018.