New Report Urges Reform of Itemized Deductions

An August 2010 Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy report looks at how the group of tax breaks known as “itemized deductions” cost states hundreds of millions of dollars each year while providing no benefit to the great majority of Oklahoma taxpayers.

ITEP full report and press release: “Writing Off” Tax Giveaways: How States Can Help Balance Their Budgets by Reforming (or Repealing) Itemized Deductions

Oklahoma-specific fact sheet and options for reform (PDF)

OK Policy blog post on the report

Also from ITEP:

Who Pays? A Distributional Analysis of the Tax System in All 50 States


Oklahoma Policy Insititute (OK Policy) advances equitable and fiscally responsible policies that expand opportunity for all Oklahomans through non-partisan research, analysis, and advocacy.

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