Numbers You Need: Key Oklahoma Economic and Budget Trends

Numbers You Need is a monthly publication from OK Policy that presents key data on the state’s economy, work force, human services, and budget in one concise easy-to-read fact sheet.  Each issue of Numbers You Need provides monthly updated figures, historical comparisons and brief analysis on:

  • Employment;
  • Inflation;
  • Work supports and public benefits; and
  • State revenues.

April’s issue also includes data on:

  • Quarterly change in personal income through 4th quarter 2010, for Oklahoma and nationally
  • Per capita personal income in Oklahoma, 2000-2010

Click here for the most recent issue of Numbers You Need.

Archives of previous issues:


March (includes quarterly foreclosures and annual SoonerCare enrollment)

February (includes quarterly bankruptcies and decennial state population data)

January (includes quarterly personal income and annual K-12 enrollment)


December (includes quarterly foreclosure and annual food insecurity)

November (includes quarterly building permits and annual child support collections)

October (includes quarterly personal income and annual poverty rates)

September (includes quarterly bankruptcy and annual state inmate population)

August (includes quarterly foreclosures and annual school enrollment)

July (includes quarterly state personal income and annual state population)

June (includes quarterly bankruptcy, annual oil and gas production)

May (includes quarterly foreclosures, annual higher education enrollment)

April (includes quarterly, annual state personal income)

March (includes building permits, state appropriations)

February (includes bankruptcies, Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund)

January (includes personal income, child support collections)


December (includes foreclosures, health insurance)

November (includes personal income, college savings programs)

October (includes building permits, poverty)

September (includes bankruptcies, college enrollment)

August (includes foreclosures, corrections population)

July (includes personal income, state population growth)

June (includes foreclosures, child abuse and neglect)

May   (includes bankruptcies, school lunch program)
April  (includes personal income, oil & gas production)
March  (includes building permits, school enrollment)
February (includes foreclosures, state appropriations)
January (includes personal income, health insurance)

December (includes foreclosures, poverty rates)


Oklahoma Policy Insititute (OK Policy) advances equitable and fiscally responsible policies that expand opportunity for all Oklahomans through non-partisan research, analysis, and advocacy.

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