The OK Policy Institute’s David Blatt on Gov. Fallin’s Recommendations to Fill the State Budget Gap (Studio Tulsa)

By Rich Fisher

Yesterday at the State Capitol, Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin offered her recommendations to the State Legislature on how to fill next year’s estimated $1.3 billion budget deficit. Her “Budget 2.0” provides for exempting Common Education, the Oklahoma Health Care Authority, and Mental Health Services from cuts — while also exempting cuts in other areas, including higher education — and offers significant revenue enhancements to the budget as well. Our guest today is economist and policy analyst David Blatt, executive director of the Oklahoma Policy Institute, who reviews the governor’s recommendations — how they would work, what they would mean for the state’s economy, etc. Blatt also speaks about our anti-Obamacare governor’s recently announced plan to extend health care coverage across this state — namely, the Oklahoma Health Care Authority’s Medicaid Rebalancing Act of 2020.


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