Oklahoma Policy Institute Publishes Research Paper on Oklahoma’s Need to Revise Election Laws (Ballot Access News)

By Richard Winger

On December 16, the Oklahoma Policy Institute published this 20-page report, “Repairing Oklahoma’s Broken Democracy”, authored by Dr. David Blatt. The Oklahoma Policy Institute is a well-respected 501(c)(3) organization established in 2005.

The Report first discusses voter participation in Oklahoma, and that part of the report is overwhelmingly convincing that Oklahoma elections are very flawed. The Report then discusses a full range of ideas for improving Oklahoma elections, including a very comprehensive section on ballot access for newly-qualifying parties, independent presidential candidates, and initiatives. Even if a reader is not particularly interested in Oklahoma, the Report is a valuable resource for facts about the election practices of all the states. The Report reveals the number of states with voter pamphlets, and the number of states with election-day registration, for example.


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