The Oklahoma State Budget Explained by Puppets (Z94)

By Kelso 


Quite possibly, the one thing everyone can agree on, regardless of political belief, is the thought of a working budget. After analysts pointed heavily at the oil bust, Oklahoma isn’t doing so OK these days. $1.3Billion in the hole, firing teachers, threatening senior and child medical care… You could say these folks are tired of a budget that doesn’t work.

Enter Together Oklahoma.

A group of individuals pushing for a better budget. One that doesn’t leave gaping holes, nor does it rely on iffy funds. A balanced budget is a good budget.

They are doing the most patriotic thing I can think of… Urging you to contact the politicians of your district. Voicing your concerns. Expect them to work. If they try to hand you the typical and expected ‘I’m just one person’ or ‘I’m trying’, remind them that as you voted them in, you can vote them out. They tend to forget that they work for us. We can make staffing changes without the need for HR.

Everything you’ll need is on the Together Oklahoma website. Go do patriot stuff. Merica.

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