Policy Talk At The Shop Set At Barber Shop In City (The Lawton Constitution)

By – Staff

Lawton residents are teaming up with Together Oklahoma to host Policy Talk at the Shop from 4-6 p.m. Sept. 24 at Ice Tre’s Barber Shop, 2104 W. Gore.

Together Oklahoma (TOK) describes itself as a nonpartisan coalition of citizens and organizations working to secure a robust future for Oklahoma. Its efforts involve grassroots education and advocacy that connect Oklahoma values to state budget priorities. It is primarily staffed and funded by the Oklahoma Policy Institute (https://okpolicy.org), a nonprofit, nonpartisan think tank.

Policy Talk at the Shop will give Lawton residents an opportunity to gain information about voting in the 2016 election season, understand state questions and engage with elected officials and candidates.

D.J. Zachery, a local barber and visionary behind Policy Talk at the Shop, said he believes political awareness of state and local issues matters and sees the event as an opportunity to empower others.

“As a barber, it’s become abundantly clear that information given in a comfortable atmosphere is something lacking in our community. Since I happen to have a comfortable place, I made it my duty to reach out and help,” he said.


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