Should Oklahoma Raise the Alcoholic Beverage Tax?

Taxes on activities that negatively impact the public good, sometimes known as “sin taxes,” are one form of taxation that has historically received widespread support. An OK Policy issue brief makes the case that increasing Oklahoma’s tax on alcoholic beverages is worth considering as a way to better fund crucial public services and reduce threats to public health and safety due to alcohol abuse. The brief addresses the history of Oklahoma’s alcohol tax , the prevalence of alcohol use, and the costs associated with alcohol-related abuse. It then explores arguments for and against raising the tax on alcoholic beverages.


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2 thoughts on “Should Oklahoma Raise the Alcoholic Beverage Tax?

    1. We was initially charged 13.5 tax on beer then the alcohol total was added to our food bill and charged another 9.25%. 22.75% for beer? Is that legal?

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