Statement Re: Passage of State Question 802

Statement from the Oklahoma Policy Institute:

Oklahomans made the right choice Tuesday by passing SQ 802, which will provide life-changing health care coverage for more than 200,000 Oklahomans and create a significant economic stimulus when implemented. OK Policy is grateful for Oklahoma voters who did the right thing both for Oklahoma and our neighbors who otherwise would go without health insurance.

With the need for health coverage greater than ever, Oklahoma policymakers should act quickly to implement SQ 802.  The clock has now started on the 90-day window for the Oklahoma Health Care Authority to submit a State Plan Amendment to federal regulators. Gov. Stitt was ready to fully expand Medicaid on July 1, so we anticipate that OHCA will be well positioned to meet this first deadline established by SQ 802 and to fully expand coverage by January, 2021. Given the urgent need for health care in Oklahoma, we look forward to working with our partners to ensure that expansion is implemented as quickly and responsibly as possible. 

We will continue to monitor the state’s implementation process to ensure — in accordance with the will of voters —  the state is moving expeditiously to give people health coverage and not placing additional burdens or restrictions on low-income Oklahomans who are joining the state’s Medicaid population. 


Oklahoma Policy Insititute (OK Policy) advances equitable and fiscally responsible policies that expand opportunity for all Oklahomans through non-partisan research, analysis, and advocacy.

2 thoughts on “Statement Re: Passage of State Question 802

  1. Loved this statement made by your organization especially the “we will continue to monitor” part.
    Until we elect representatives who will faithfully carry out the will of the voters, don’t count on it happening. Just ask Chris Steele… he’ll tell you ALL about it.

  2. I agree that diligence is required to ensure “the will of the people” is followed by the state of Oklahoma.
    I would implore you to form an ad hoc group to expressly monitor the equity of money allocated to the health care system with ADDED EMPHASIS ON RURAL COMMUNITIES AND HOSPITALS .

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