Spending limit proposal is a solution in search of a problem

Oklahoma lawmakers are considering a proposal, HJR 1011, that would change the state constitution to lower the amount by which legislative appropriations can grow from one year to the next.  After looking at state spending patterns in recent years, it’s… Read more [More...]

FY 2013 Budget overview: Been down so long it feels like up

In the 1960’s, Richard Fariña titled his novel of his college days and experiences, “Been Down So Long It Feels Like Up To Me.” The sentiment might also apply to the state budget for the upcoming year. After being down… Read more [More...]

Hot off the Presses: Our FY '12 budget highlights

With the 2011 legislative session now wrapped up, we are pleased to release our FY ’12 Budget Highlights, a one-page summary analysis of the budget for the upcoming year, along with eight detailed charts and tables on revenues and appropriations.… Read more [More...]

The 5 percent solution?

After two straight years of cuts, the state’s budget situation remains dire. Despite the economic recovery and improving revenue collections, the state faces a huge shortfall for next year. The substantial non-recurring revenues that were used to balance the budget… Read more [More...]

Where the Money Is

With the state anticipating large budget shortfalls – estimated by Republican legislative leaders as in the vicinity of $600 million –  for the upcoming fiscal year, there is renewed talk from state leaders about the need to protect “core public… Read more [More...]

Has common education been a budget priority?

One of the more contentious skirmishes in the battle over SQ 744 concerns the question of whether, in the absence of a constitutional amendment basing common education funding on a constitutionally-entrenched formula, Oklahoma’s elected officials have neglected K-12 funding. Supporters… Read more [More...]

State budget: Where the dollars go

As legislative leaders and the Governor continue to work on an agreement on the FY ’11 budget facing a budget gap of some $800 – $850 million, here’s a quick visual reminder of why you can’t address a shortfall of… Read more [More...]