Guest Blog (John Thompson): The rewards and dangers of NCLB waivers for urban schools

John Thompson is a former Oklahoma historian and inner city teacher who is now an education writer focusing on inner city schools. When Oklahoma’s No Child Left Behind (NCLB) waiver was granted, local news celebrated a new era of “freedom… Read more [More...]

An interview with Dr. Thomas Benediktson about TU's new focus on urban education

The University of Tulsa recently announced that it is changing the name of its education department to the School of Urban Education. The change reflects an increased focus on the issues confronted in low-income, urban districts. OK Policy spoke with… Read more [More...]

Budget Cuts: The pain spreads broader and deeper

Last month, we surveyed some of the budget cuts that state agencies were being forced to implement as result of the state’s revenue shortfalls. Since then, the grim news continues to spread deeper into core programs, affecting major services like… Read more [More...]