Watch This: Black Wall Street – Prosperity Turns to Poverty

This 10-minute video takes a look at the lives of people living in the Greenwood district of Tulsa, before and after their homes, businesses, and community were destroyed by a fire started in anger by the city’s white residents.  The… Read more [More...]

It matters who guards the henhouse

No one would argue that Oklahoma’s business community does not have a major influence on public policy. They benefit from a significant lobbying infrastructure through Chambers of Commerce, extensive personal connections between business leaders and elected officials, and a state… Read more [More...]

Upcoming Event: Closing the Gap: Race, Wealth, and Homeownership in Oklahoma, March 14th & 15th

Closing the Gap: Race, Wealth, and Homeownership in Oklahoma March 14th | Oklahoma City | 7pm | Oklahoma City Museum and Memorial March 15th | Tulsa | 7pm  | Mayo Hotel Terrace Room   You’re invited to attend an evening… Read more [More...]

Watch This: A tale of two (Oklahoma) cities

In this half-hour broadcast of OETA’s Oklahoma Forum, Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett and Tulsa Mayor Dewey Bartlett discuss the successes and challenges facing their cities with host Dick Pryor.  The Oklahoma Forum blog succinctly sums up the challenges facing… Read more [More...]

The pros and cons of managed competition

This post is by Courtney Baker, a summer intern with Oklahoma Policy Institute. Courtney is a senior at Oklahoma State University majoring in political science. In June, government workers at Tulsa’s city hall successfully fought to keep their jobs in… Read more [More...]

An honor to serve

Over the past year, one of the high points for me each week has been the hour I spend early Wednesday mornings in the kitchen of Trinity Episcopal Church in downtown Tulsa helping with basic food prep tasks for the… Read more [More...]