Upcoming Event: Closing the Gap: Race, Wealth, and Homeownership in Oklahoma, March 14th & 15th

Closing the Gap: Race, Wealth, and Homeownership in Oklahoma

March 14th | Oklahoma City | 7pm | Oklahoma City Museum and Memorial

March 15th | Tulsa | 7pm  | Mayo Hotel Terrace Room


You’re invited to attend an evening of presentations and discussion on race, wealth, and homeownership.

As Oklahoma inches out of the Great Recession, our economic future is bright but uncertain.  The most vulnerable among us – low-income people and residents of low-income neighborhoods – were hit first and worst by the housing crisis and subsequent recession, exacerbating long-standing disparities in wealth and asset-ownership.  Recovering from economic turmoil in the face of major demographic changes requires a new growth model that will bring Oklahoma closer to the ideal of American prosperity.  These lectures will begin a conversation among public and private sector leaders about investments that allow all Oklahomans to maximize their potential.  Recent research points to higher concentrations of subprime lending and foreclosures among communities of color, persistent discriminatory lending practices, and deeply entrenched gaps in wealth, income, and employment between white and nonwhite Oklahomans.

I. The Housing Crisis in Oklahoma:  How Bad Was It?

Dr. Angela Gobar, Director of Human Capital Development at Jackson State University
An analysis of subprime lending and foreclosures with an emphasis on communities of color.

II. The Widening Racial Wealth Gap

Kate Richey, Policy Analyst with the Oklahoma Policy Institute will present data and analysis on the racial wealth gap in Oklahoma – from home and business ownership to savings, investments, and other assets vital to long-term financial security.

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