The 2011-2012 Legislative Session, A Postgame with David Blatt (Studio Tulsa, NPR)

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The second regular session of the 53rd Oklahoma Legislature (2011-2012) was recently adjourned.  With the session now over, many citizens are wondering why the legislature DIDN’T adopt a tax-cut plan. Wasn’t this the oft-repeated aim of the GOP-controlled House, Senate, and Governor’s Mansion? Weren’t statewide tax cuts — and even, indeed, the eventual elimination of personal income taxes in the State of Oklahoma — among the top priorities for the Republican politicians enjoying majority numbers in all quarters at the State Capitol? On today’s show, we explore some of the possible reasons for this fairly remarkable — and perhaps quite telling (?) — legislative failure with David Blatt, director of the non-partisan think-tank known as the OK Policy Institute.


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