Will 2018 be the Year of the Woman in Oklahoma?

Across the United States, 2018 is being heralded as the Year of the Woman in American politics. Building on a surge of activism following the election of Donald Trump, including the national women’s marches and the #metoo movement, the “Pink… Read more [More...]

Where women are winning political office in Oklahoma

In a new report from the Center for American Progress on the Health of State Democracies, Oklahoma was awarded a D+ across the board for ballot accessibility, a representative state government, and average citizens’ influence on the political system. These… Read more [More...]

Oklahoma fails to make gains electing women and people of color

Last week’s election raised the number of female members of Congress to 100 for the first time in history, according to a post-election article in Vox. Women now make up 19 percent of the Representatives and Senators serving in Congress.… Read more [More...]

Oklahoma’s democracy is broken

Last month,  Oklahoma voters went to the polls for primary runoff elections. Well, a few voters went to the polls. Average turnout was a paltry 18.1 percent. In 11 of the 16 runoff contests, fewer than one in five registered… Read more [More...]