New educational standards–do harder tests mean better outcomes?

The Oklahoma State Board of Education recently adopted higher testing standards for elementary and middle school students. According to the Tulsa World, the higher standards result from recommendations of a committee of educators and business representatives. This effort responded to… Read more [More...]

Casual Friday–Redder than red, bluer than blue

If we need any more evidence for how divided politics is in our nation today, here’s a couple video clips. Here, Rep. Henry Waxman, Democrat from California, argues for his cap-and-trade bill on climate change, while Oklahoma Republican Rep. Mary… Read more [More...]

SB 834 – Empowering public schools or dismantling them?

The debate over SB 834, the bill that would lift various mandates currently binding on public schools and make it easier to terminate teachers, has been one of the most contentious this legislative session.The bill passed both the House and… Read more [More...]


Recently, Louisville, KY negotiated a deal with Kentucky Fried Chicken to have KFC pay to fill in pot holes in exchange for the right to advertise on those potholes. Upon hearing this, the first thought I had was about the… Read more [More...]

Oklahoma's Investment in the Future

Recently, I had the opportunity to volunteer with an institution that is a true asset for our state. This is my first year serving as part of the Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics (OSSM) admissions committee. It certainly will… Read more [More...]

What's going on?–Updated

As most observers of Oklahoma legislative politics know, in cases when only a handful of Democrats support controversial bills being promoted by the Republican majority, it’s usually the more conservative members of the caucus representing rural districts who buck party… Read more [More...]

Good news!

All appearances to the contrary, we hate bad news as much as anyone.¬†It’s just that these days, selecting topics to blog on typically¬†leaves us with a choice between the bad (the budget) and the ugly (the economy) (or… Read more [More...]