SQ 802: Medicaid Expansion – Information and resources

This page is a resource on the Oklahoma Medicaid expansion ballot initiative (SQ 802). It will be updated to reflect the most recent information available. [More...]

OKPolicyCast 39: Bad Voter, Good Voter (with David Glover)

The OKPolicyCast is hosted by Gene Perry and produced by Gene Perry and Jessica Vazquez. You can subscribe to our podcast on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, or RSS. The podcast theme music is by Zébre. If you have any questions for the OKPolicyCast, topics you’d like us to cover,… Read more [More...]

Oklahoma 2018 State Questions and Elections

  Click below to jump to section: Oklahoma State Questions Candidate/Elections Information Important Dates Voter Tools    Oklahoma State Questions  In addition to state and national races, voters will decide five state questions on November 6th. State Question 793 –… Read more [More...]

Repairing Oklahoma’s Broken Democracy

With voter turnout at record lows and most legislators running unopposed, it's hard to escape the conclusion that democracy is broken in Oklahoma. Our new report shares ideas for how to increase voter knowledge and participation, while giving Oklahomans more choices on the ballot. [More...]