SB210: Lawmakers had the opportunity this week to take a stand for election integrity. They chose not to.

On Thursday, the Oklahoma Senate advanced SB 210, which will cement barriers to voting by mail, to Gov. Stitt’s desk. Passed in the middle of a pandemic, this bill would roll back a state Supreme Court decision from just days ago and continues the shameful shell game that began yesterday in the House. [More...]

‘Three-bill Monte’: Lawmakers fail transparency test, advance absentee voter barriers 

Statement, attributable to OK Policy Executive Director Ahniwake Rose:  The Oklahoma House on Wednesday played ‘three-bill monte’ with legislation that would keep many Oklahomans from voting safely. The legislative changes, made just minutes before floor debate began, appeared to be… Read more [More...]

Statement: SB 1779 would introduce unneeded barriers to voting, invite lawsuits

Just a day after the Oklahoma Supreme Court removed barriers to absentee voting, the Oklahoma Legislature is quietly advancing a bill to make it harder to vote by mail. The Oklahoma House will consider SB 1779 as soon as Wednesday.… Read more [More...]

Statement regarding Legislature’s FY 2021 budget proposal

Statement from Ahniwake Rose, Executive Director for Oklahoma Policy Institute:  Given the extraordinary financial challenges facing Oklahoma, we commend the Legislature for putting together a budget that protects many of Oklahoma’s core services while retaining savings that can be used… Read more [More...]

Thousands of Oklahomans speak out against Governor’s health care proposal

During the past 30 days, thousands of Oklahomans have spoken out against Gov. Stitt’s health care proposal, which would implement health care barriers that could keep more than 200,000 Oklahomans from being able to see a doctor or even fill a prescription.  [More...]

Statement: Gov. Stitt should approve 283 commutations to decrease prison overcrowding and reduce the risk of a COVID-19 outbreak

OK Policy joined seven other organizations in calling for Gov. Stitt to approve 283 commutations to decrease prison overcrowding and reduce the risk of a COVID-19 outbreak.  Amid the state’s growing COVID-19 public health crisis, eight organizations are urging Governor… Read more [More...]

Joint Statement: Actions to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19 in Oklahoma’s Criminal Justice System

Nine Oklahoma organizations have come together to urge elected officials and state officials to take urgent action to manage the serious threat of a COVID-19 outbreak in Oklahoma Corrections facilities.  [More...]

Statement: Oklahoma needs to account for all students as schools move to distance learning

As Oklahoma schools are pivoting to distance learning to complete the spring 2020 semester, education officials need to ensure all students have equal access.  [More...]

OK Policy: Oklahoma making mockery of public hearing process

"The Oklahoma Health Care Authority is making a mockery of the public hearing process and appears oblivious to the fact that there is a national health emergency occurring." [More...]

Statement Re: Submission of Gov. Stitt’s Health Care Proposal

The Oklahoma Health Care Authority on Friday submitted the Governor’s Medicaid expansion proposal to federal officials. We are disappointed to hear that the Governor continues to push his personal plan for Oklahoma healthcare versus the vetted, proven, and citizen-backed strategy… Read more [More...]