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Charitable Solicitations Act (SB 1070)

SB 1070, the Charitable Solicitations Act has recently passed in the Oklahoma State Senate and has now moved to the House. The bill was introduced by Sen. Susan Paddack (D-Ada), who has worked closely with the Association of Fundraising Professionals… Read more [More...]

“Lock ‘em up” may not be the key

A recent report by the Pew Center on the States finds that Corrections Departments’ budgets have quadrupled over the last 20 years in this country. The report points out that spending on corrections outpaces all other state spending except health… Read more [More...]

Access to care and quality of care

Recently, The Oklahoman criticized OK Policy for our opposition to a proposal under legislative consideration that would waive existing state laws that require insurance companies to provide coverage of basic health benefits as part of any policy for young adults.… Read more [More...]

Online Budget Guide–Comments

Here’s where users of OK Policy’s Online Budget Guide may post comments, which could include questions, suggestions for additions, requests for data, and thought-provoking arguments. If at all possible, please let us know which page you were looking at so… Read more [More...]

Why We Blog

The OK Policy blog has been a long time coming. As we begin our experiment with what is, for us at least, a new way of communicating with our audiences, we want to let you know why we’re doing this… Read more [More...]

Bonus blues

The AP reported Thursday that Oklahoma’s budget shortfall could potentially take another $65  million hit as a result of tax provisions that were included as part of the federal stimulus bill passed by Congress in February. The stimulus bill, or… Read more [More...]

State government in action

On Tuesday, Governor Henry convened the second meeting of the 15 member American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) Coordinating Council, which brings together Cabinet Secretaries and agency directors with primary responsibility for implementing the myriad provisions of the stimulus bill… Read more [More...]

DHS Lecture on the faith community and human services

On Thursday, April 2nd, the Oklahoma Department of Human Services is hosting a lecture by  Tony Campolo titled “What Role Should the Faith Community Have in Human Services?”.  The talk is from noon to 1 p.m. at the Will Rogers… Read more [More...]

Immigrants in an economic downturn

The New York Times has been running a series of front-page Sunday articles examining the impact that the great wave of recent immigration – both legal and illegal – is having on various sectors and institutions. This week’s piece explored… Read more [More...]

Come on in. Let’s talk.

It seems that the level of discussion surrounding the policy decisions facing our nation and our state have degenerated into more political rhetoric and partisan bickering than sincere efforts to come to a consensus that is best for the people.… Read more [More...]

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