Quote of the Day | July 15, 2020

“Now I’ve called them at least 200 times and got hung up on probably 150 times, been on hold for at least two hours every time… I have five teenagers, and I’m the sole provider for my family. I have all this money on this card that is unusable. We’ve already got our car repo’ed; we’re getting ready to be evicted. I mean, this is serious.”

-Michelle Boyce of Berryhill , who arrived at Tulsa’s River Spirit Expo at 4 a.m. Wednesday to get a ticket for an appointment with the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission. She was No. 135 out of the 400 that were given out for today’s event. She said she received a debit card from the state’s third-party vendor, but it wouldn’t work. [Tulsa World]


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