OKPolicyCast 36: Back to School (with Rob Miller)

The OKPolicyCast is hosted by Gene Perry with production help from Jessica Vazquez. You can subscribe to our podcast on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, or RSS. The podcast theme music is by Zébre. If you have any questions for the OKPolicyCast, topics you’d like us to cover, or people… Read more [More...]

SJR 70 could create tough choices for Oklahoma schools

As the dust settles in the aftermath of Oklahoma’s teacher walkout, advocates are still trying to understand what’s been achieved and what still needs to be done to fully fund the state’s education responsibilities. Now another wrinkle could emerge from… Read more [More...]

‘This is not OK’: Cuts are hitting all aspects of public education

Miami Public Schools in Ottawa County serves about 2,500 K-12 students in seven schools. This year, four school librarian positions were eliminated, leaving the district without a single librarian. In Newkirk, there is no librarian and no speech or drama… Read more [More...]

Bill Watch: Teacher pay and charter school oversight top the education agenda for this year’s Legislature

This post is the last in a series highlighting key bills in several issues areas that we’re following. Previous posts looked at legislation affecting economic opportunity for Oklahoma families, legislation to reform our criminal justice system, and legislation affecting Oklahomans’ access… Read more [More...]

SB 81 would break Oklahoma’s obligation to educate all kids

Article 13 of Oklahoma’s Constitution begins: “The Legislature shall establish and maintain a system of free public schools wherein all the children of the State may be educated.” That commitment to educate all of the children in our state is prominent in our… Read more [More...]

What cuts to alternative education mean for individual lives. Lives such as mine. (Guest Post)

The author of this post, a Tulsa-born social worker and parent of three children in the  public school system, asked to remain anonymous We hear a lot about the cuts to public programs that have been made in recent years as a result of… Read more [More...]

When K-12 schools are underfunded… (Guest post: Elizabeth Smith)

Elizabeth Smith is the planning director for the Yale National Initiative at the University of Tulsa, a partnership between TU, Tulsa Public Schools, and Yale University to strengthen teaching in Tulsa schools.  She recently completed a Ph.D. in Public Policy,… Read more [More...]

Mapped: The Oklahoma school districts with the most and least per pupil state aid

It’s well known that state aid funding in Oklahoma has struggled in recent years — since 2008 we’ve cut per student state aid by 24.2 percent after inflation, the largest drop in the U.S. Cuts to state aid affect all… Read more [More...]

In its current form, Education Savings Accounts proposal would widen inequality (Guest post: John Lepine)

John Lepine is an OK Policy Research Fellow. He is pursuing a Ph.D. in Educational Administration, Curriculum, and Supervision at the University of Oklahoma. He is also a reading specialist and English department chair at the McLain Magnet High School… Read more [More...]

Why charter schools get an outsize share of mid-year State Aid funding (Guest Post: Shannon Meeks)

Shannon Meeks is the Chief Financial Officer for Putnam City Schools. Each year in late December, state aid payments to public schools are adjusted based on changes in student enrollment and local tax revenues during the first part of the… Read more [More...]